Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why Go So Far?

Why Africa? (part 1)

That is a question we have asked ourselves many times!  Yes, it is a little crazy, but that is part of why we are so sure.  It is not something that we would have decided on our own.  Not something we had planned on.  God had to change our hearts and attitudes before we were willing to consider this possibility.  

He really started the process of change in me (Jen) back in the spring of 2007.  Daniel and I had been praying for the revival services that were coming up and hoping to see a renewal in our church.  We were praying and Daniel felt that he had the farm before God.  We were living on his great grandfathers land and in the over 100 year old house.  To say that he has deep ties to the area and the farm in particular is a woeful understatement.  When I saw my husband turn and get on his knees and tell God he would no longer put that before Him I knew, in my heart, that could change the course of our lives.  I had no idea how but I was sure that it was a significant event in our Christian walk.  

We had our revival services with Glenn Walker from Hands on Missions and it had a powerful impact on us.  Shortly after that, our church was a part of the On Missions Celebration and we were blessed to enjoy speakers from all over the globe.  God used that spring to soften my heart toward foreign missions and helped me to realize that missionaries were just normal Christians with a heart for sharing their faith in foreign lands.  

During this time we felt that God was going to use us in some way as missionaries in the future but we didn't see how it would work and figured it may be at retirement or after the kids got through college.  We started seeking short term opportunities and looking for a church that had an outward focus. We felt we should GO but did not know when or how...... 

Our Salvation Testimonies

Daniel's Testimony

I came to know Christ at a young age.  My parents had taken me to church from the time I was born and at the age of 6 I realized that I needed Jesus, a lot of that was fear of hell, but even at the age of 6 I understood that I was a sinner and needed Jesus.  I did not understand everything and even today I am still learning how great that decision was.  While it is not the most dramatic testimony, my need for salvation is just as great as anyone’s.  

I wish that I could say that I have always lived faithfully from that time as a disciple of Jesus, but after an ok start learning what it meant to be a Christian, I lost momentum as I entered junior high, and often took the easy way in order to fit in.  In these years of drifting, God would periodically call me back to himself, but I continued believing the lies of the world and attempted to keep a foot in both worlds.  

Fast forward to 2001, Jennifer and I were newly married and had moved back Cleveland County.  We joined a small church that had recently called a pastor with a heart for discipleship.  Taking us under his wing he lead us and challenged us to learn what it really means to follow God and not just be a cultural Christian.  I am so thankful for what Jesus has done for me as he has saved me and how He continues to teach both Jennifer and I about Himself and how to follow and worship Him.

Jennifer's Testimony

I asked the Lord Jesus into my heart at 15 yrs old while alone in my bedroom.  I had been attending youth group at my grandparents church and had been reading the bible on my own.  I just made a decision that I believed in Jesus as my Savior and chose to believe that even in light of all that I did not understand.  I spoke with my grandpa and he set up a meeting with our preacher.  After sharing my faith with Pastor Lutz I asked to be baptized.  I shared a short testimony with the church and was baptized.  I have found that the Lord has always put Christian people in my life that have helped guide, challenge and encourage me along the way. 

I met and married a wonderful christian man and we searched for a church that we could grow in.  We were challenged and learned a great deal in a small country church near our home.  We were able to take the Masterlife course together and benefited greatly from that study.  We were able to serve in a number of positions with the church and God placed people in need in our lives.  I found that my heart was blessed when I was able to encourage others in their lives and faith. 

We had a group of missionaries visit our church during a special week about 5 years ago.  It was absolutely wonderful and was like a revival for our hearts.  Daniel and I both were very moved by what the missionaries were doing and the way the Lord was working in their lives.  My heart for missions began to grow and I felt a great burden for those who did not know Jesus.

We felt called to find a church that had an active missions focus and moved to the church we are now members of.  We faced a significant struggle during a time of unemployment and God worked on our hearts and minds during that trial.  We were seeking the Lord’s will for our lives and we received a letter from Zambia, Africa from a family that received a shoebox from us.  We felt immediately that God was calling us to go and serve there as missionaries.  We are seeking to grow and serve here as we search for God’s way for us to serve the people of Zambia.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Memories of a great family home!

Note: These posts were done to help those interested in renting our house see what it looks like and I decided to leave them on this because it is also a special connection to 'home' for us.

More house touring.......

Back entrance, back bedroom, back bathroom

Looking back into kitchen from hallway

Hallway, bathroom and hall closet (poor filming! Sorry)

From hallway to west bedroom and closet (poor filming)

East bedroom, white room

Friday, March 9, 2012

Video Tour of American Farmhouse

Note: These posts were done to help those interested in renting our house see what it looks like and I decided to leave them on this because it is also a special connection to 'home' for us.

I have attempted to document and film around the house to give a feel for the layout.
First video is outside front of house.
Second is outside rear of house.

Inside in country kitchen.
Last is parlor/living room.
Hope this will give some idea of the look and feel of the home.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Inside of Yellow House

Note: These posts were done to help those interested in renting our house see what it looks like and I decided to leave them on this because it is also a special connection to 'home' for us.

Living room/parlor and side door onto porch

Parlor/living room with mantel and closet

Entry area, used as office

Back bedroom across from half bath

Half bath

Bedroom with mantel and closet

Additional room 7x10 adjacent to bedroom we used as nursery. 
Could also be office or craft room!

Back bedroom

Main bath with 2 sinks

Hallway - from kitchen looking to front of house

Main bath sink and cabinets

Kitchen with canning pantry and mantel

Kitchen with pan hooks and shelf

Kitchen with Refrigerator and Dishwasher

Our American Farmhouse aka 'Yellow House'

Our American Farmhouse

  • 3br/1.5 bath house one story with  central heat/ac, old pine and hardwood floors, 90ft wrap around porch with beautiful hemlocks in the yard, about 1800 sqft and has a fenced area behind the house.
  • Large kitchen with canning pantry, dish washer, stove, refrigerator, fan/light   and pine flooring. 
  • Full bath with two sinks, closet, surround tub/shower, laminate floor.
  • Half bath in back, sink, laundry hookups, laminate floor. Large bedroom with walk in closet, ceiling fan/light and maple floors. 
  • Great hallway with decorative lighting and large linen closet.
  • Entry area with closet (we used this area for small office).
  • Large bedroom with attached 7X10 room (we used for nursery, play room). 
  • Parlor/living room 20X20 with mantel, ceiling fan/light, doors that lead to porch, 9ft bead-board ceiling, pine floor, good size closet. 
  • Cleveland County Schools, Burns District, Washington Elementary.

Note: These posts were done to help those interested in renting our house see what it looks like and I decided to leave them on this because it is also a special connection to 'home' for us.