Friday, September 13, 2013

Lots of New!

New stuff is usually good! We like to get new stuff but with it comes change, adjustment and some bit of discomfort in the loss of the old. I have switched over to MacBook with the hope of getting a computer that will last and be reliable during our travels across the world. I am tired of buying computers! Anyway, with this exciting change, also comes frustration. Feelings of inadequacy and inefficiency come along with learning something new and stretching out of our comfort zone.

This also, is the way I feel as I imagine packing a few bags, gathering our passports, giving hugs goodbye and loading up on a plane for Zambia. It is so exciting and thrilling but at the same time, scary, uncomfortable and hard. It will be awesome! I really do believe that...but it will be a big change!

Those who chose to accept Jesus as their Lord, go through this as well. It is exciting and thrilling to start trusting in Him but it is also scary and uncomfortable to let go of the old ways, old self, old patterns. It takes some getting used to. And that is OK! It will be awesome!

It also makes a big difference when we get some help. When someone more experienced than us is willing to invest their time, talents, energy into our journey. IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE! It makes it easier to move forward and we learn much faster by seeing someone else do it. It makes it seem possible. It gives us hope!

That is what I want to do. To walk alongside new believers, live alongside them, and help them walk out their faith. I also need those older and more experienced than me, to walk alongside me. Lead me, guide me.

And, if, know anything about running a MacBook....LET ME KNOW! ;~P

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Had A Dream....

I wanted to share a neat story.

When we arrived at church on Sunday we were headed into the 9:30 service but there was quite a mess with the bathrooms and we ended up mopping/cleaning during service. :/

BUT, because of that, I met a first time visitor and offered to sit with her in the second service. It was really amazing to see God work in that situation because the lady wanted to go up and pray at the end. I went up with her and she shared a heart wrenching situation that she was struggling with. Amazingly, I had a dream (nightmare) THE NIGHT BEFORE that the same thing happened to me!! (Btw: I am not normally one to remember my dreams). With that, God gave me a compassion and empathy I could never have had without 'feeling' the emotional pain the same way just a few hours earlier!! Unbelievable, Amazing, Awesome God! :))

Just wanted to share. Gods timing, Gods plan, Gods ways...always better than we can imagine!

Jen =)