Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I'll Be Home For Christmas!!

We have now been here in Zambia for a little over a year. Our original plans were to be here in Zambia for two years then return for a furlough in August 2016. As God has continued to open doors and has moved our hearts, we feel like it is more clear that we are to be serving in Zambia for an extended time. We have three teams that are looking at plans to return to serve here alongside of us next spring/summer/fall of 2016. We are serving in multiple locations all over Zambia and opportunities continue to open up. It is AWESOME!!

With all that being said, we are still running under budget levels on donations/support available to do this ministry. At our current level we will likely be out of resources by the fall of next year and be forced to come back to raise support to continue. We have prayed about it and we really think it would be more wise to come back in the early part of 2016, for about 4 months to share about what God is doing and try to engage more partners in this ministry. We truly believe that if more people hear what God is doing, they will be excited to join us in this work! We also have real life examples and stories to share that we believe will help people who were cautious before, be more confident to join us.

So, we have purchased tickets and are returning home on Christmas Eve!!! We will be in the U.S.A. until April 30th, 2016. During that time we need your help connecting with people that would enjoy hearing about what God is doing in Zambia, Africa! We can also share a few fun stories about our family’s adventures. We are currently working on a schedule and need to fill it up as soon as possible. We would love to visit your church and we will have 17 Sundays while we are in the states. We also want to talk with life groups, Bible study groups, Sunday school classes and family gatherings. Small friendly groups are great because people feel more free to ask questions. We can’t wait to share because our God is an amazing God and it is exciting to tell what He has done!

We are so very thankful for each one of you and what you mean to our family! I think that time away from loved ones and friends makes it all the more appreciated when we are able to hear from and connect with you and it also is thrilling to think of seeing each of you again soon! We love and pray for you often.

With Love, Daniel, Jen, Taylor, James and Eli

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